Case Studies

National Lottery UK

The UK National Lottery was a digital lottery pioneer and introduced Camelot’s digital lottery platform in 2010, which now has over 11 million registered users and accounts for about 25% of total sales.

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Illinois Lottery

Camelot is the integrated business manager of the Illinois Lottery and provides a fully managed digital lottery service.

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National Lottery Ireland

Camelot partnered with the Irish National Lottery to implement a transformational business plan to grow digital and retail, and manage its digital lottery.

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Loterie Romande

With the aim of modernizing and enhancing the functionality of its digital lottery channel, Loterie Romande introduced Camelot's digital lottery platform in 2016.

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Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

In 2015, Camelot started working with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery as part of a long-term strategic partnership, resulting in the highest-ever lottery revenues in 2018 (up 11.4% on the previous financial year).

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California Lottery and New York Lottery

Camelot supported the California Lottery to become the fastest growing US lottery in FY11 and FY12, and achieve WLA 3 responsible gaming certification.

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