Case Study

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

In 2015, Camelot started working with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery as part of a long-term strategic partnership.

Camelot developed a five year business plan for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. This comprehensive plan was built around five core strategic pillars - Brand, Games, Marketing, Retail and Player Relationships, with the specific aim of responsibly increasing sales and net proceeds to scholarships in Arkansas. 

Working alongside the lottery team in Arkansas, Camelot helped implement the key initiatives from the business plan while continually reviewing the business and developing new areas for further responsible sales growth.

Record Sales

“Our mission is to maximize proceeds to scholarships in a responsible way,” said Arkansas Lottery Director Bishop Woosley.

“We’ve made it a priority to identify new opportunities for growth, while also strengthening the image and brand of the Lottery.”

With Camelot’s support, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery reported a new record sales year of over $516m in FY19. 


Total Sales in FY19


Increase in proceeds generated for scholarships

Record Proceeds

Since the beginning of the relationship between Camelot and the Arkansas Lottery, proceeds to scholarships have grown by 35% from FY15 to $98.4 million today.

Fiscal Year 2019 saw another record sales year for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, as well as a new record for net proceeds back to the community.

Bishop Woosley, Executive Director of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, said at the end of the record breaking FY19, “The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery exists solely to fund college scholarships for the citizens of Arkansas. 

“I’m extremely proud that this year we have been able to return over $98m, more funds than ever before, to help students and families make paying for college just that little bit easier.

“Over the past 10 years of the Lottery’s existence, we have worked incredibly hard to raise funds for the students of Arkansas, funding over 542,000 scholarships worth more than $803m. 

“Setting a new record this year is a fantastic achievement and my congratulations go to the whole Arkansas Scholarship Lottery team.”

Wayne Pickup, CEO of Camelot Lottery Solutions, added, “Congratulations to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery for a second recording-breaking sales year in succession.

“The key drivers of our work with the Arkansas Lottery have always been to help engage players and responsibly grow the lottery and deliver greater benefits to the citizens of Arkansas. 

“I’m delighted that net proceeds to scholarships have reached a new record level, allowing tens of thousands of students to attend college in the State.”

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