Camelot Illinois, Camelot Lottery Solutions’ sister company, is the integrated lottery business manager of the Illinois Lottery and provides a fully managed digital lottery service.

For the Illinois Lottery, Camelot fully managed the start-up of a lottery operation, including:

  • Developing business, brand and PR strategies in partnership with local agencies
  • Guiding organization design and recruiting key lottery personnel
  • Establishing and supporting negotiations for major contracts

The combination of local resources and access to a network of global lottery professionals laid the foundations for the lottery’s success, with increased revenue of almost four percent in 2018 compared to the previous year.

Digital lottery is a key aspect of the Illinois business plan, with sales forecast to rise from 1% in 2018 to 15% of total sales in 2028.

Spotlight on Mobile

Following the announcement in March 2020 that a large jackpot had been won by an online player, the Illinois Lottery revealed that visitors from mobile devices accounted for 87% of all online traffic.

The share of draw-based game sales through iLottery channels in Illinois had more than doubled in the past year, with online and app players having won prizes totalling more than $40 million.