Camelot partnered with the Irish National Lottery to implement a transformational business plan to grow digital and retail, and manage its digital lottery.

Since 2014, Camelot has partnered with the National Lottery in Ireland and manages its digital lottery, with a focus on developing and growing the digital channel. By 2016 Ireland had the fastest growing lottery in Europe and in 2017 participation in draw-based games increased from 42% to 49%.

With Camelot’s support, the Irish National Lottery has nearly tripled digital sales and grown overall sales by 16% since 2015.

Fastest Growing Lottery

The Irish National Lottery was sold in 2014 after 30 years being run by a semi-state body. The transition to new ownership presented challenges such as low morale, legacy operating processes and partner agency complacency, which all contributed to significant Year-on-Year sales declines for the previous decade.

After the sale, Camelot was engaged to implement a transformational business plan to grow digital and retail channels, and to manage the Irish National Lottery’s digital lottery – which the company still does today.

Our mission:

Make the Irish National Lottery the fastest growing lottery in Europe.

A holistic review of Irish players was undertaken to better understand the barriers, and motivations, of play. This was coupled with fundamental changes to internal ways of working, all geared towards the goal of making Ireland’s lottery the fastest growing in Europe.

Players were placed at the centre of the organisation – with significant investment in consumer research to understand why brand love and participation was decreasing. External communications were reset and moved away from the traditional one-to-many approaches seen previously towards a digitally-optimised communications framework that delivered the right message, to the right player, at the right time.

The results of this work saw the Irish National Lottery grow Year-on-Year sales 11.6% in 2016 to become the fastest growing lottery in Europe.

Digital Innovation

That foundation of success has been continued in the successful partnership – Ireland’s iLottery channel has grown 215% since 2015.

Camelot’s work has supported the growth of Instant Win Games (IWGs) as a revenue stream for the Irish National Lottery. Camelot created a 12-month rolling games roadmap, designed the game content, while also managing our content partners and the future portfolio, based on continued performance and insight.

The games delivered to the Lottery were developed in-house, in addition to third-party content, amounting to over 30 new games each year.

This has resulted in 59% growth in the number of weekly IWG players in the past two years, with an overall IWG sales growth of 27% in 2017 and 40% in 2018.

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