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Camelot celebrates AK and IL results

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Camelot Congratulates Arkansas and Illinois Lotteries on Record-breaking Sales and Increased Profits

Camelot Global congratulates its customers the Arkansas and Illinois Lotteries for reaching critical performance benchmarks, with both lotteries advancing new strategic initiatives to attract wider audiences and increase net profits.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery recently announced record-breaking sales for the 2018 fiscal year, leading to increased proceeds to scholarships totalling almost $92 million.

“Our mission is to maximize proceeds to scholarships in a responsible way,” said Arkansas Lottery Director Bishop Woosley.

“We’ve made it a priority to identify new opportunities for growth, while also strengthening the image and brand of the Lottery.”

Camelot provides business consulting services to the Arkansas Lottery, supporting the Lottery’s business plan aimed at improving sales and net revenue to benefit scholarship recipients.

The Illinois Lottery is also seeing positive returns and expects to increase revenues by almost four percent in the upcoming year, with its focus on modernizing systems, investing in retail point of sale equipment and responsibly growing its base of players across the state.

With Camelot’s proven global operator credentials and experience providing business solutions and advisory services to lotteries around the world, it was recently selected as private manager of the Illinois Lottery.

"Our ambition is to create a modern lottery that attracts new players and maximizes returns to the state in a socially responsible way,” said Camelot Illinois General Manager Colin Hadden. “We are looking forward to the technology conversion and realizing a Camelot Global iLottery platform for digital player engagement and brand marketing across multiple channels, including retail.”

Camelot Global Chief Executive Officer Wayne Pickup congratulated the Arkansas and Illinois Lotteries on the successful performance of the customer-focused business plans.

“We’re thrilled with the outstanding results delivered by the Arkansas Lottery for its scholarship recipients, and the positive returns and increase in sales delivered by the Illinois Lottery,” said Mr. Pickup.

“We look forward to celebrating the continued success of both of these lotteries in the years to come.”

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