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Unlocking Sustainable Growth in Lottery 3.0: Player Engagement in a Digital World

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At the SMART-Tech 2019 conference, Simone Harrison, Camelot’s VP North America, outlined how a digital program can help lotteries drive sustainable growth in an evolving market.

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Digital is not a trend in the consumer world - it is the consumer world.

The US lottery market has evolved significantly over the past 30 years, and we can be assured that future growth will signify a further evolution - as part of the digital revolution. With a digital program in place, lotteries can transform the player experience, drive growth in total sales and optimize their marketing.

Lottery 1.0

Looking back to the beginning, Lottery 1.0 was the startup phase of the lottery industry in the US - growth was steady thanks to introducing the lottery to many states, establishing the technology infrastructure, and expanding retail networks. This was an exciting time in US lottery history. Players were engaged through increased access and convenience, and marketing was primarily ‘one to many’.

Lottery 2.0

Then came Lottery 2.0 - roughly from 2000 through 2015. During this second phase, growth came from optimizing the product category, including the number and types of games in the portfolio mix, increasing price points and payouts, and introducing new lottery game brands. Most of this product focus in the US was around the instant games, which remains the largest product in the category today. Player engagement also became richer over this time thanks to insights drawn from access to better data, and marketing shifted from ‘one to many’ to ‘one to segments’.

Lottery 3.0

We’re now in the third phase of lottery growth - Lottery 3.0 - the digital period of player engagement, growth and marketing. While growth will continue to come from optimising retail, embracing digital technology will help power, inform and deliver this growth. With a digital program in place, a ‘one to one’ connection with players is possible - giving players a personal experience with the lottery brand.

The digital revolution

When we talk about digital, we’re talking about mobile, web, data platforms and insights, digitally-enabled marketing campaigns. We’re talking about a strategy to connect players with the brand at retail and online using digital technologies and channels. When the timing is right, it’s also about playing lottery games online, while deepening responsible gaming controls and ensuring the very best in digital ethics and player privacy.

Since 2015, Camelot’s digital marketing hub has been based in Dublin in support of the Irish Lottery. With integrated digital programs supporting a brand transformation, and working with our partners Pollard and Intralot, the Irish lottery has nearly tripled digital sales and grown overall sales by 16% since 2015.

Our digital team in Ireland has expertise in mobile and web design, digital marketing campaigns, creative and content design, data analytics, performance managers and player experience experts. For 2019, we’re focusing on powering player engagement with the brand and games at retail through digital retail technologies and experiences.

Based on the model created in Ireland, Camelot has built an integrated digital organization for the Illinois Lottery with dedicated resources for campaigns, promotions, social media, web/mobile player experience, and data insights. The Illinois Lottery’s digital strategy is focused on creating a great retail experience, including ticket scanning, retail locator, regular play engagement, instant ticket promotions and email/push notifications.

In summary, a digital program can transform the lottery and ultimately the player connection with the brand through personalized marketing, data insights and improved experiences.

Simone Harrison is Camelot’s VP North America. 

With a 20-year career leading unified sales, opportunity management, business development, marketing, communications and business operations in highly regulated industries, Simone is now focused on delivering the right solutions for US lotteries.

Meet the Camelot Lottery Solutions team here.

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