Responsible Gaming

Mission Statement

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Camelot Lottery Solutions is to responsibly engage players, grow lotteries, and benefit communities through increased returns to good causes. 

We do this through the products and services we build, deploy, and provide to our customers. 

Our Commitment

We want people to play the lottery because it is a fun and rewarding experience, and one that gives back to local communities, while also offering the chance to win.

We believe that lotteries grow best, and communities benefit most, when players are responsibly engaged.

Our suite of data and intelligence-led products and services are designed with player safety at the forefront.

We are committed to being the leader in lottery intelligence, which includes using available data to drive best practice responsible gaming and supporting the responsible gaming initiatives of our customers. 

Our Ownership

Our owner, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTPP), has always taken a responsible approach to investing on behalf of its members. OTPP believes that good governance is good business and contributes to sustainable value. 

OTPP is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).


We cooperate with our stakeholders on responsible gaming research, including the regular sharing of information. This ensures that our staff have the most up-to-date knowledge of responsible gaming topics and study outcomes, relevant to their areas of expertise.


We regularly engage our people to raise awareness of, and provide education about, responsible gaming and social responsibility through a sustained program of events and initiatives, in addition to a robust training module for all staff.

Products and Services

Player safety is the starting point for any product or service we design, build, and deploy. Our products and services operate in some of the strictest regulatory environments in the global lottery ecosystem, and we uphold responsible gaming principles throughout our operations to protect the interests of players and staff alike.

Our gaming studio assesses the risk profile of each of our online instant-win games using the external game evaluation tool ASTERIG. ASTERIG measures the possible dimensions of risk potential of gambling products on the basis of numeric scores. It allows a comparison to be drawn between the risk potential of different gambling products. 

The ten dimensions that the ASTERIG framework examines to determine the risk potential of different gambling products are: 

  • Event frequency 
  • Interval of payback
  • Jackpot Size 
  • Continuity of playtime 
  • Chance of winning a profit 
  • Availability 
  • Multiple playing/stake opportunities 
  • Variable stake amounts 
  • Sensory product design 
  • Near wins

Remote Gaming Environment

We believe that using data and intelligence will help lotteries deliver greater benefits to their local communities. This belief is driven by the increasing move towards the digital space by lottery operators and, especially, their players.

To ensure we are building products and delivering services that are safe for our customers to deploy to their players, we implement some of the most stringent safeguards to promote responsible lottery gameplay online.

The websites and mobile apps that we build have a number of in-built responsible gaming tools , including age and identity checks, geo-location verification, deposit and wallet limit functionality, session timers, financial and gaming history monitors, in addition to self-exclusion options.

Advertising / Marketing

The advertising, marketing and storytelling primarily undertaken by Camelot Lottery Solutions is through our owned and earned channels (such as social media or, supported by paid print advertisements in lottery industry B2B publications. Our marketing material is designed to appeal to an audience who is likely to already be working in the lottery industry.

We align all of our storytelling activity to the Advertising Standard Authority guidance on Responsibility and Problem Gambling, a copy of which can be found here.

Stakeholder Engagement

Camelot Lottery Solutions’ core stakeholders include: employees, customers, the wider lottery industry, suppliers, vendors, and partners.

Regular discussions with these key groups helps identify any issues that may be of concern to our stakeholders and of strategic relevance. These issues inform our business strategy, priorities and communications.

Reporting and Data

We align our activity to the UK’s Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU’s GDPR legislation to ensure we provide a safe and secure environment for any and all data that we collect and hold.

Our Customers

Further information on the Responsible Gaming policies and programs of our customers can be found via their websites:

Key Performance Indicators

Our Responsible Gaming KPIs are set and monitored by the CLS Responsible Gaming working group, which meets formally every quarter and also has a remit to deliver the CLS responsible gaming engagement programme for all CLS staff.

A critical component of these KPIs in 2020 is to maintain a >90% completion rate of responsible gaming training across all staff. As of May 2020, 93% of CLS staff had completed responsible gaming training.


Camelot Lottery Solutions is a certified responsible gaming supplier aligned to the World Lottery Association framework, having achieved the standard in June 2020. The certificate is available to view here.